Cancellation Policy

More than 2 days prior to reserved checkin: Full refund, minus any credit card processing fees (our card processing provider, Stripe, charges us a non-refundable 3% on all bookings) and minus a $15 NZD administration charge.

Within 48 hours of checkin time: Your 20% deposit will be retained for cancellations made within 48 hours of your booked arrival time.

We ask that you please cancel as soon as possible to allow us to re-open the dates in our calendar.

Please note that refunding back onto the original payment card does not usually incur any additional ‘Stripe’ credit card processing fees, but refunding onto a different card will incur additional ‘Stripe’ charges. We are unable to refund into non-NZ bank accounts.

The 20% cancellation fee above is based on the entire booking amount.

Policy last updated: 14 August 2022