Hot Tub Hire | Te Anau, Fiordland

Are you looking for hot tubs in Te Anau, Fiordland?

Although our cedar hot tub is usually for exclusive use by Fiordland Eco-Retreat’s guests, occasionally, we may have a last-minute vacancy, allowing non-guests the opportunity to use it.

Please feel free to enquire as to whether we have a vacancy on your desired day / night, by contacting us; our phone number is +64 (0)21 147 9595.

Same-day enquiries only please.

What you’ll get

  • Approximately 45 minutes of soaking time (1 hour on-site).
  • Indoor changing facilities.
  • Indoor toilet.
  • Outside heated shower with complementary shower gel.
  • Towels and plastic / stainless steel ‘glassware’ (including plastic wineglasses).


$70 for 1-2 people.

$15 for each additional person* ($10 each for under-16s).

Extra Information

  • *Maximum 5 people per hot tub session.
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No glass in or around the hot tub please – please use plastic / stainless steel ‘glassware’ provided.
  • Swim nappies must be worn by children who are not fully toilet-trained please.
  • Advanced bookings only.
  • Prices are in NZD.
  • There are no set times – we can usually work around your schedule.
  • Address: 111 Ramparts Road, Te Anau (you will need your own transport).